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SKC Totes 1


carry your weird shit or existential dread by your side--you never know when you'll need it. all totes are 16x16x6 in.

option 1: Strange & Unusual
1a: white ink.
1b: red ink.
1c: pink ink.

option 2: We Out Here / Ghost Trio
2a: with text.
2b: without text.

option 3: Nihilism & Chill

option 4: It's Lit

option 5: I Love the Nightlife / Flying Bat
5a1: white ink, with text.
5a2: white ink, without text.
5b1: red ink, with text.
5b2: red ink, without text.
5c1: pink ink, with text.
5c2: pink ink, without text.