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Sticker - Squad Gourds (My Favorite Murder)


"squad gourds," inspired by the podcast My Favorite Murder.

this is not meant to be a bumper sticker, but i can't tell you what to do.

shipping is free if you order with another non-sticker item!

as featured in epsiode 39:

Georgia: Every time I try to carve a pumpkin it's disappointing.

Karen: And you cut your hand and you get that goop in it.

Georgia: And halfway through you’re like, "What the--I don’t give a shit."

Karen: I’m not gonna eat these pumpkin seeds.

Georgia: A triangle for an eye, fine. You know what? He’s a cyclops.

Karen: You know what? One triangle eye and one tooth.

Georgia: Boom.

Karen: Done.

Georgia: Can I have another glass of wine please? And I don’t want to eat fucking disgusting pu--you know.

Karen: "Let’s cook 'em up!" No. I’m not in second grade, I’m not falling for pumpkin seeds ever again.